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Food Notes for April 27, 2009

  • Indulgence, a Canadian Epic of Food and Wine, is taking place on June 8. It is an event put on by Slow Food Edmonton as a fundraiser for the Junior League of Edmonton. Tickets are $60, and available now by calling 780-433-9739.
  • The Journal interviewed Richard Jaffray, president and owner of Cactus Club Cafe this week – the new West Edmonton Mall outpost was pegged with a price tag “north of $7 million”. They’re also looking at opening three more locations by 2010.
  • Baskin Robbins is offering 31 cents scoops on Wednesday, April 29 from 5-9pm in honor of the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation.
  • I had to laugh – the week the Journal gets on the banh mi bandwagon, the New York bloggers ask when the banh mi craze jumped the shark (yes, we’re really that behind).
  • The Italian Centre finally has a new website! Also, a few local food establishments are now on Twitter, including what is possibly Edmonton’s first restaurant – the Golden Rice Bowl – and first catering/market mainstay Marinas Cuisine. I’ll be interested in seeing how they use Twitter – from the looks of it, not much so far.
  • Food Network conducted an experiment to see if they could taste the difference between organic and non-organic produce.
  • Pizza Hut is hiring a Twintern for the summer to help build their brand on Twitter.
  • It was inevitable – the New York Post had an article this week about “gourmonsters” – the extreme tendencies of some of the culinary world’s celebrities that read to some like food policing. I think the voice of moderation is lost sometimes, which scares the average consumer.
  • Mack was lucky enough to get a Starbucks 8-cup Bodum coffee press for his birthday back in December. We finally cracked open the box a few weeks ago, and have found pros and cons to it. Being used to the one-touch drip coffee maker, we find it takes a little extra effort having to boil water, transfer it into the press, then wait the necessary four minutes. On the other hand, the flavour of the coffee is definitely more robust out of the press. Perhaps we’ll have to just get used to this different way of making our morning cup of java.


Bodum and Mack’s favorite Starbucks mug

  • Mack’s dad was in town over the weekend, and needing a casual place to get together for supper, we suggested Urban Diner. I ordered the Diner Mac ‘N Cheese. Super-cheesy, it really hit the spot, and my chosen breakfast sausage additive was well worth the additional calories.


Diner Mac ‘N Cheese


Mack’s Club Sandwich

  • I feel like it could be a drinking game now – every time I come across another soon-to-be location of Taco del Mar, I should be taking a shot from a flask. This time, the spot couldn’t be more surprising – the ground floor of the Icon Tower on 104th Street, of all places. Classy.


Taco del Mar in the Icon Tower

  • The second location of Fuss Cupcakes (10441 82 Avenue) is coming soon, likely around 3 weeks away.


Fuss Cupcakes – coming soon

  • Mack and I stopped at Flirt Cupcakes on Saturday. I used the handy online ordering form the night before, and when I entered the shop, found my box of six cupcakes ready to go, dressed in a lovely yellow ribbon. I have to say the Wild on Whyte (vanilla with strawberry icing) is still my favorite). I’m also happy to see Flirt on Twitter, and that they’re using it pretty effectively, by announcing feature flavours and offering special deals. Keep it up, Michelle!


Half dozen cupcakes from Flirt

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  • I made the switch from drip coffee to press coffee a few years ago and haven’t looked back. If you grind the beans just a few seconds before adding the water, it’s even better.

    Yeah, it’s slightly less convenient than a coffee machine, but only slightly. The extra effort is totally worth it.

  • I can’t stop laughing at banh mi sliders.

  • Amanda

    The Baskin Robbins 31 cent scoop is actually until 10pm 😉

  • Now I want to hit up Baskin Robbins tonight and follow it with a visit to one of the cupcake shops. Darn it!

  • Adam – yeah, we try to grind the beans just before. It’s definitely more likely to become our weekend way of making coffee – weekday mornings are just too rushed!

  • a

    Sharon, if you want to try your hand at another coffee-brewing mechanism, I recommend this:

    I had never used one of these until I lived in Europe, and when I got back here I had to find one! I found a decent one at Ikea ($25), though the ‘home’ stores carry a variety.

    coffee’s a bit strong, but these pots are a lot of fun!

  • I always see Giada using it on “Everyday Italian” – I was tempted to buy one to make espresso with for an affogato recipe, but I held out. Thanks for the suggestion though, I’d be interested to try it out at least!

  • I just drove by Fuss cupcakes this morning and noticed the sign has changed slightly, with an opening day – May 6th! This Wednesday.

  • Thanks for the tip Chris!

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