Saturday, July 25th, 2009 at 11:32 pm

Ringing in the City Centre Market!

A few weeks ago, I was invited by the City Centre Market to ring the opening bell to kick off the July 25 market. I had drawn their attention primarily because of the scavenger hunt I recently put together on behalf of Slow Food Edmonton, but also because of my efforts in promoting the local food scene. I was honoured to have been asked, and happily accepted.

I was told that past bell ringers have included Mayor Mandel and more recently, Geoff Linden of Credo Coffee, but to be honest, I haven’t personally been to the market early enough to witness any of the early morning festivities – I’m lucky if I get to the market by 11am (it is a Saturday after all!).

The calm before the storm

Saturday was a beautiful (but hot) day, and Mack and I were glad that arriving early meant we would be spared the heat of a midday market spree. Ten minutes before 9am, I met up with market staff Maria, Susie and Robin, who provided me with a reusable bag, apron and  bell, all of which I could keep. They told me that the vendors had been given a newsletter containing a short paragraph about me and why I had been chosen as a bell ringer.

Ready to ring!

At 9am, Robin led me up and down each of the vendor-lined lanes as we chatted about the market and her role as the site manager. Not someone who usually likes to draw attention to myself, Mack told me I should have probably been greeting the vendors more thoroughly as I walked, but I figured the ceremonious ringing was enough.

Robin & I

Mack’s short Flip video of the ringing

Thanks to the City Centre Market for the opportunity – it was fun!